In an ideal world, we would never need to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. And with any luck, your personal world will continue on in nothing but safety and sunshine! However, the real world can occasionally be a rough place. Empower yourself with our Women’s Self Defence classes. 

“But I will probably never need it,” you say? Sure. Maybe not. We certainly hope you will never need it! However, the fact is that crime can and does happen to anyone at anytime. You owe it to yourself and to the loved ones who might count on you to keep yourself safe. There is no better insurance than preparation. Not to mention that self-defence training for women can help you to feel empowered. Prepared with women’s self-defence skills, you can be a role model for other young girls by showing them an example of how women can keep themselves safe. Plus, women’s self-defence classes are just plain fun and great exercise! 

Our self-defence training is exclusively for women. Too often, the MMA gym holds a stigma of being a “guys’ club”. Not so! With these classes, you can feel right at home and learn skills in the company of other like-minded women. 

In these entirely safe and fun classes, you will learn how to defend yourself against a variety of attacks. You will learn the moves and have the chance to practice them in a non-intimidating setting before testing them in mock situations. Learn how to leverage your size and personal strengths against bigger attackers and how you can even use their size and strength against them. Participants will leave with a great workout, an abundance of real world useful skills and a whole new confidence. So come on by and let us show you how strong you can be.  


What people are saying:

"I have so much fun coming along to the ladies self defence class each week! 

The coaches are patient yet thorough, and I feel myself getting more and more confident each week! Highly recommended."

"FINALLY I have found a place where I can come along and learn some ways I could physically defend myself if I needed to. I am not a physically fit person but this class fits in with my lifestyle perfectly!"