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Young kids are full of seemingly unending amounts of energy. If often feels like they are simply always getting up to something. Wouldn’t it be nice to channel all of that into something productive? 

It is never too early to start training in mixed martial arts. In fact, there is an abundance of reasons why you may want to sign your young child up for kids MMA classes today. Of course, there are the obvious benefits to your child’s physical fitness. Kids MMA training provides an entire body workout. Your child will be exercising every major muscle group. This is especially important in a world in which there is an ever-rising obesity epidemic. Instead of lost in the latest video game or staring vacantly at another cat video on their smartphone, your kid can be constantly moving—and they will feel great because of it. Further, during those crucial early years, kids MMA training can help them develop better coordination, flexibility, and agility. 

What’s more, with kids self-defence classes, your child can be developing greater confidence and discipline. They can feel a sense of pride as they progress through each skill set. You will love to see the excitement on their faces as they rush to show off what they have learned. Plus, you can rest easier knowing that your child is learning the values of hard work, commitment, and discipline that are required in our kids MMA classes. 

We offer two different segments for our youngest MMA participants. Children aged 3-5 can enjoy our Little Ninjas program while our slightly older children aged 6-11 can participate in our Young Jedis program. Parents can be assured that all of our youth programs are entirely focused on keeping your little ones safe while also helping them grow to be their best selves! 

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