Reach your strength and conditioning goals with Infinite MMA's own in house, professional strength coach, Nick. 

Nick has a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be. He has almost a decades worth of experience, and along the way has worked with professional athletes as well as complete beginners and everyone in between.

His qualifications include: 

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.
  • PICP Level 2 Coach - Poliquin Group
  • ASCA Level 2 Coach - Australian Strength and Conditioning Association 
  • Muscle Nerds Level 2 Coach

Nick will design a personalised strength and conditioning program just for you, and will take you through 3-4 semi-private weight lifting sessions (at times negotiated with you) each week. 

When designing your programs, Nick will take into account your goals, lifting experience, injuries and limitations and any other training schedules you may have, to deliver maximum results that you desire.

If you're interested in working with Nick to improve your strength and conditioning, please schedule a free consultation using the link below. 

Please note: Strength and Conditioning is not a 'class'. It is a personalised training program designed specifically to suit your needs. 



"Since training with Nick I’ve lost weight, yet gain strength, and find myself never getting injured."

"I started the program just under 1 year ago as a last resort before surgery was to be done to my hip. Before this my time my quality of life wasn’t good due to the constant pain and mounting stress of not being able to exercise or some days not even being able to walk well. Fast forward to now and I’m honestly the strongest I’ve even been. I had canceled the hip surgery months ago, and am totally pain free in my hip. I’m back training in other hobbies and am pounding on lean muscle and strength gains at a consistent rate. The best thing I’ve even done was start this program, it keeps delivering! "

"Since training with Nick my strength, fitness and my flexibility has improved in leaps and bounds and is improving by the day. His understanding of strength and conditioning and specifying to each individual is second to none."