Young kids are full of seemingly unending amounts of energy. It often feels like they are simply always getting up to something. Wouldn’t it be nice to channel all of that into something productive? 

At Infinite MMA our Little Ninja program for 3-5 year olds is all about giving young children CONFIDENCE and teaching them SELF DISCIPLINE through martial arts. 

We aim to give kids the confidence they need in everyday life through martial arts, because confidence kids are happy kids!

This program is PERFECT for kids who have problems with: 

  • attitude/aggression
  • disrespectful behaviour
  • controlling temper tantroms 
  • extreme shyness
  • confidence issues
  • kids with too much energy who just want to run around! 

The Little Ninjas Program takes kids through martial arts based games to ensure they are kept interested in their class at all times, because we know how quickly little ones can lose their attention! The games keep the Little Ninjas fit, interested and having fun! 

Little Ninjas will learn basic MMA techniques, including their MMA stance, wrestling takedowns and basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and much, much more!). These techniques are GREAT for self defence! Little Ninjas are also taught how to release themselves if a bully grabs them by their forearm. Being able to get away from a bully is really important at such a young age, and Little Ninjas are taught these techniques throughly.

One of the most popular exercises the Little Ninjas go through is the Ninja Warrior Course! Little Ninjas are put to the test going over, under, through and around various obstacles. These types of games are great exercises for the kids and assist with their confidence, balance and coordination. 

Little Ninjas learn to develop their self discipline in these classes as they must practice their listening skills to be able to perform the tasks correctly.

They are guided under the watchful eyes of our experienced and professional kids coaches. 

Our kids coaches have many years of experience communicating with young children and assisting them in various situations.

Such as a Little Ninja being scared about trying out a new activity, or a Little Ninja who is having trouble controlling their temper in classes. 

We’ve seen it all and we are here to help you! 

Little Ninjas can feel a sense of pride as they progress through each skill set. You will love to see the excitement on their faces as they rush to show off what they have learned. Plus, you can rest easier knowing that your child is learning the values of hard work, commitment, and discipline that are required in our kids MMA classes.

Our classes also continue over the school holidays! So kids can come along to training all year round! 



"I cannot speak highly enough of Infinite MMA and their fantastic friendly team of coaches and a welcoming smile from the lovely front receptionist Beth!

My son has been training here for almost 2 terms now and looks forward to each class.

Thankyou Infinite MMA for such an amazing learning experience for my son. We look forward to many more years to come."

"Amazing place to train! My son absolutely loves it and i enjoy watching his transformation week to week. Liam has definitely gained a lot of self confidence in the 2 months he's been here! The trainers are fantastic too and very patient."

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