Competition Training

Competition doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. And of course, it takes a plan. It takes training. 

Some people compete for glory or recognition. Other people compete as a way to focus on improvement. Perhaps you compete to meet new people or to see other approaches to your martial art. Whatever your reason for competing, the best way to get there is through dedicated competition training. 

We take competition training very seriously. We expect participants to be serious students of martial arts. In order to join in on our training program, you must already have a proven track record of regular workouts and a history of competition. You must also have a demonstrated commitment to the sport and to improvement. Once in the program, we expect you to give it your all! 

For those who are able to join us, get ready to take your competition training to the next level. You will be working alongside some of the best competitors in the region. Our expert instructors will help you establish your goals and set a plan to achieve them. They will help you stay motivated and accountable as your work your way towards improvement. They will push you hard and you'll find out what you are capable of. 

When you are out there on the mat, it is just you and your opponent. However, up until that moment, it helps to have someone by your side. Our competition training program puts that coach right next to you. We can help you make decisions, not just about your martial arts technique, but also about fitness, diet and which competitions are the most strategic for advancing your goals. Can you do it without a coach? Sure. But do you really want to? 

If you have been training and competing in martial arts and are ready to take your competition to the next level, talk to our coaches to find out more about joining our competition training program. 


What people are saying:

"Fantastic! After years of training martial arts and being helped along by various different experts and high level coaches I can definitely say that John has an outstanding knowledge of mixed martial arts and has a great way of teaching. 
Not to mention that the environment is friendly and inviting with people all the way from first day students to professional fighters and a surprisingly diverse group of people who had welcomed me with open arms. 
Can't recommend this place enough to anyone in Ballarat who is looking to start or continue their martial arts training."