Mixed martial arts is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in the world. So perhaps you are curious about this hot new trend in sports and fitness. 

As can probably be deduced from the title, mixed martial arts, which is often referred to as MMA, is a blend of a variety of traditional martial arts styles. Since many martial arts styles focus on one specific approach, such as striking or ground fighting, defence or offence, MMA training often takes elements from each of these in order to create a full package that can be used in the cage or on the streets. 

While mixed martial arts is traditionally a combat sport, MMA classes can be taken for a variety of reasons. Beyond fighting or competing, many participants enjoy MMA training simply for the health benefits. Mixed martial arts offer participants a comprehensive workout by training each major muscle group while also providing a challenging cardio experience. 

In our MMA classes, we welcome participants who are both male or female and adults of any age. Our programs focus on helping you become street ready. This means that we target skill building and technique improvement. At Infinite MMA gym, we train using the latest and most dynamic approaches and with some of the best MMA professionals in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Drop by our gym to find out more about how you can get street ready too. 



"I began my MMA training just for something extra to do to develop my fitness levels. Since I began I haven't looked back! The training is so much fun and so different to anything else I've tried before. I would definitely recommend MMA training if you are looking for something different to do, it's great fun and I have lost over 8kgs since starting 8 months ago!!"