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Freestyle Wrestling is available within our MMA classes or as a private lesson


They say that at least ninety percent of all fights will end up on the ground. Many people will try to tell you that the ground is the last place you want to be. However, this is only true if you don’t know how to control the situation on the ground. So rather than avoiding the unavoidable, why not learn to master it? 

Freestyle wrestling is a martial art which aims to take an opponent to the mat and keep him or her there. While the word “wrestling” may leave you with visions of flashy rings and overly muscular men in outlandish costumes throwing chairs at each other, freestyle wrestling is an entirely different matter. In fact, it is also not the same as what many people might have watched in their high school or university athletic programs. Freestyle wrestling takes many of the same elements of collegiate wrestling but adds in flavours of other martial arts as well. It is one of the two styles of wrestling tested in the Olympic Games. 

If you are entirely new to martial arts, there are a number of reasons why freestyle wrestling classes might be beneficial to you. Wrestling promotes better physical fitness. Not only does it improve strength, but it also increases endurance and flexibility. Further, because freestyle wrestling is a game of technique and strategy, it can develop your skills at fast-paced problem-solving. Plus, freestyle wrestling is a great way to get a fun workout while meeting new people! 

If you are already a martial artist, adding freestyle wrestling to your training is a fantastic way to improve your ground skills. You might have the best jabs in town, but when the fight inevitably ends up on the ground, are you ready for that? With the addition of freestyle wrestling classes, you can round out your skills and be ready for anything!